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Using interactive media trainings that can incorporate every level of a company's employee structure, we guide your teams through the steps to write, shoot, and even direct your own broadcast-ready videos -- incorporating staff in to your company's brand identity.

The end result? A digital, team building experience unlike any other -- creating dazzling

commercial content.


The 90's called.
They'd like their trust falls back.
  • Team Building

  • Interactive Group Goals

  • Innovate as a part of a team

  • Collaborate on solutions

  • Focusing on tasks under pressure

  • Contribute to team progress

No, really! Your very own
employee created commercial!
Linda from HR loves
this stuff and so do we!
  • Broadcast ready commercials

  • Social media content

  • Internal training videos

  • Conference programming 

  • Networking events

  • Increased shareability

  • Employee to brand integration

  • Employees feel more connected to  company's core mission

  • Employees feel more involved, valued

  • Learn to effectively present ideas in groups

  • Enhance company culture​​

  • Increased internal collaboration

"Studiio Box gave us the guidance to get the job done, but allowed us the freedom to create, plan, and think through issues as they arose during filming. It was truly impressive to see the process and then our final project to share!"

Sonji Wilkes,


Project: Campaign Visibility

CLIENT: United Way

From concept through post we incorporated 

the entire staff (their families and a few pets!)

of the United Way of the National Capital Area.

This video was one of the organization's most successful campaign launches.

IMPACT: Picked up by CBS affiliate creating tens of thousands of shares contributing to over $1.5 million in funds raised in 24 hours. 

CLIENT: Therapy Group of DC

PROJECT: Rebranding

Partnering with the Therapy Group and Brave UX, we worked with the staff through a series of on-site writing exercises and media trainings to brand the individual therapists within the company's website -- further driving appointment conversions for their individual specialties.

IMPACT: Web traffic conversions to appointments scheduled increased by 280%

CLIENT: City Dogs Rescue

PROJECT: End of year fundraising

Working with the staff of City Dogs Rescue and rescue families throughout the DMV, we collected a series of happy  endings. From these personal stories we created this holiday narrative highlighting the lives CDR has saved over the years. Each rescue mom and dad served as the voice of their rescue creating a very sweet and very impactful fundraising campaign.

IMPACT: End of year giving reached over $60,000


Washington, DC /

San Diego, CA

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